Upon Hearing Of Fire Condition Dial 911 Sign
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Part# S-7352G
Size 7" x 5" (H x W)

Upon Hearing Of Fire Condition, Call The Fire Department Dial 911, Remain Calm 

Fire and Emergency Glow Sign
Make sure everyone knows to call 911 when there is a fire. Post this photoluminescent fire emergency sign to let everyone know what they should do in a fire, most importantly, to remain calm.
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Part# S-7352G
Size 7" x 5" (H x W)
Package 1 Sign
Material Glo Brite™ Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive Sign [BZ-AD-GLO]
Color Red and Black on Glow Material
Material Features

• 9 mil (.009") thick Glo Brite™ safety grade flexible photoluminescent film, coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

• Great for emergency procedures or in a blackout. Signs absorb light by day and glow at night.

• Photoluminescent signs replace electrical or battery-driven signs. You avoid the hassles of battery or bulb replacement and the expense of wiring. Also, after the end of a blackout, you can quickly return to building (and not wait for a battery pack to laboriously recharge).

• Meet and exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. The luminance specification (E2072) requires that signs meet the following measurements: 20 mcd/m2 (milli candela per square meter) after 10 minutes in full darkness; and, 2.8 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes in full darkness. Our Glo Brite 7520 luminance measures in at 56 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes in full darkness and 7 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes in full darkness. In addition, it complies with DIN 67510-1 (the European equivalent to ASTM), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15370, International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution A.752(18), and the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA) Class B.

• Withstands 1 hour exposure to the following reagents: water, 10% salt water, bleach, trichloroethylene, 25% sulfuric acid, 1% sodium hydroxide, diesel fuel, hydraulic fuel, 50% antifreeze, and mineral spirits.

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