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Need a quick check of the NFPA rating for your hazardous chemical? Enter the name of your hazardous chemical and look up the ratings for Flammability, Health Hazard, Instability / Reactivity and other Special Hazards. Since these codes may change or vary according to location, it is important to contact your local authorities and the NFPA directly.
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Custom NFPA Guide Signs
Custom NFPA Guide Signs
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It takes less than a minute to personalize your NFPA Guide Sign. A sign with specific instructions and hazard details has been proven to bring the highest level of compliance.
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Fire Safety Signs
In case of an emergency, you want your property to be posted with the best safety messages. But don't worry—even though our signs last for years indoors or outside, we still offer the best prices around. Guaranteed.

• Choose from over 500 different designs. We offer designer, glow in the dark, reflective, custom fire templates and more!

• Our products make sure that your buildings are up to code. Don't be left wishing you had better signs pointing towards fire extinguishers.

• Need assistance? Our support team is just a call away!

Best Selling Fire Safety Signs


Fire Extinguisher Sign
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Fire Extinguisher (Arrow)

Sprinkler Room Label
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Sprinkler Room

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FDC (6in. Letter Height )

Fire Hydrant Symbol Fire and Emergency Sign
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Fire Hydrant Symbol

Fire Alarm Control Panel Label
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Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Department Connection Sign
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Fire Department Connection

Fire Extinguisher Sign
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Fire Extinguisher (Arrow)

Fire Extinguisher Sign
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Fire Extinguisher (with graphic on right)

Fire Extinguisher Sign
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Fire Extinguisher Sign (with Graphic)

Fire Hose Connection Label
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Fire Hose Connection

In Case Of Fire Pull Alarm Call 911 Braille Sign
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In Case of Fire Pull Alarm and Call 911 (with Tactile Touch Braille)

This Door Must Remain Open Sign
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This Door Must Remain Open When Building Is Occupied

Popular Fire Signs By Message

 Fire Hydrant Signs

• Bold, glow signs ensure firefighters can spot hydrants easily.

• Durable, weatherproof signs start at just $5.95.

 FDC Signs

• Quickly point the way to your fire department connection.

• Durable FDC signs last over ten years outside.

• Striped FDC and siamese connection signs are hard to miss!

 Fire Alarm Signs

• Bold signs make it easy to quickly find the alarm.

• Projecting signs are great for corridors.

 In Case of Fire Signs

• Long lasting signs cut glare, resist scratches.

• Confirms to ADA standards.

 Fire Escape Signs

• Show the way out. Quickly!

• Photoluminescent and 3D signs make sure that everyone quickly finds the exit.

 FACP Signs

• Choose from stock or customize to create your very own sign.

• Reflective, photoluminescent wall signs and projecting signs available.

 Fire Riser Signs

• Heavy-duty, reflective signs resist high-temperatures, weather abuse.

• Available in 16 colors, 4 sizes and many design options.

 Siamese Connection Signs

• Signs quickly point out fire department Siamese connections.

• Reflective signs are favored for faster identification at night.

 Sprinkler Signs

• Your top source for fire sprinkler signs.

• Mark spinkler pipes, risers and sprinkler pumps with a durable sign.

 Standpipe Signs

• Find over 20 different designs – just for standpipes.

• Find reflective, photoluminescent and aluminum standpipe label and sign designs.

 Truss Signs

• Comply with latest rules, including laws from FL, NJ and NY.

• 3M reflectivity – in two high vis grades.

 Free Fire Signs to Download

• Download free PDF, no login required.

• Print on personal inkjet or laser printer to use.

NFPA Signs and Placards

 Customize Your NFPA Signs

• It’s never been easier to design your own Custom NFPA sign.

 NFPA Flip Placard

• Change ratings in just seconds.

• Versatile and durable outdoors.

 Pre-Printed NFPA Signs

• Hazard rating combinations available for all commonly used chemicals. Take your pick!

 NFPA KIT - Make Your Own

• Assemble your own NFPA Sign.

• Kit includes all digits and special hazard symbols.