Forklift Certification Cards

Forklift Certification Cards
OSHA mandates that all employers should certify that forklift operators are trained and evaluated, and then keep records of this information. Wallet-sized forklift certification cards offer crucial certification information for operators.

• Cards include room for the driver’s name, the test date, and the authorized trainer’s signature, plus a safety checklist on the back. All information is protected with the self-laminating flap.

• Rigid, 30 mil thick plastic includes punched slots and a bulldog clip for easy attachment to lanyards or clothing. Easily write on the badges using a permanent pen or marker.

• We offer our top-selling forklift license and forklift certification cards below, but you can also see our full line of safety wallet cards, too.

Forklift Certification Cards (67792)
Certified Forklift Driver Self Laminating Wallet Card, 2-Sided
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Double-Sided Authorized Forklift Driver Certification Wallet Card, 2-Sided
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Self Laminating Certified Forklift Driver Wallet Card (2-Sided)
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Qualified Aerial Lift Operator Wallet Card, Double-Sided
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Double-Sided Forklift Safety Trained Self Laminating Wallet Card
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2-Sided Safe Forklift Driver Self Laminating Wallet Card
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2-Sided Qualified Powered Industrial Truck Operator Wallet Card
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Double-Sided Qualified Forklift Driver Self Laminating Wallet Card
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