Gas Cylinder Signs

Gas Cylinder Signs
For a workplace that handles and stores flammable and hazardous gases, careful and precautious handling by its workforce is required. Mark gas cylinders and storage areas with our cylinder signs to inform employees of correct gas cylinder handling techniques and reinforce proper cylinder storage. Signs also help keep untrained personnel out of harm’s way.

• Prohibit smoking and open flames near explosive gases.

• Product range includes bilingual full cylinder signs and labels to reach a multilingual workforce effectively.

• Our range includes Empty Tags and Tags with perforated sections. Simply tear off sections to update the status of a cylinder.

• Scroll over signs for more details about individual signs, labels and tags. Have a question? Don't hesitate to call our live support.

Magnetic Signs
Magnetic Signs
These signs snap onto a cylinder or door. It’s easy to swap out each sign and clearly mark Empty or Full Cylinders.

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