Keep Away Signs

Keep Away Signs
As the old proverb goes, curiosity killed the cat! Keep Away Signs provide a clear indication or warning of potentially life threatening situations. These signs are intended to convey the type of hazard that may lead to accidental injury, property damage or worst, death. The purpose of Keep Away Signs is to alter the reader's behavior so that hazards are easily avoided, people are not injured, and equipment or property damage is averted. Don’t let an easily preventable incident turn into a costly liability – protect yourself as well as others with our Keep Away Signs.

• Available in several different materials, allowing you to post a message in multiple locations or environments.

• Signs combine specific hazards with bold text and easy to read messages.

• We carry a large variety of signs with headers and colors that comply with OSHA and ANSI standards for accident prevention.

• Hover over individual signs for more details or if you have further questions, call our live support team.

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Danger High Voltage Keep Away Sign
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