California Prop 65 Signs

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Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted to protect California citizens and the drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals. We offer a large selection of Prop 65 signs and labels. Our most durable signs and labels are made from DiamondPlate™, a heavy-duty anodized aluminum with a high bond adhesive. The print is embedded within the pores of the aluminum, ensuring that the signs outlast weather, abrasion, vandals and more. Given installation costs and potential liability concerns, it is sensible to order the most durable warnings possible. Once installed on a flat surface (such as a window, door, shelf or cash register), these California Prop 65 Rule compliant AlumiGuard™ Signs and Labels are virtually tamper-proof. Make sure that your notices are safe, durable, and secure!

• It is your responsibility as a business to warn customers and employees that products sold or used on the premises may contain chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects.

• Our "Strictly Compliant" line of Prop 65 signs and labels follow the exact standards set forth in the §12601 section that defines warning designs for California Title 22. This ruling defines that the warnings must use the type font Garamond on a contrasting red background

• All Prop 65 warnings, as they've come to be called, should "be provided in a conspicuous manner and under such conditions as to make it likely to be read, seen or heard and understood by an ordinary individual in the course of normal daily activity". But how do you make sure that your warnings are understood? A good start can be found with § 12601. Clear and Reasonable Warnings.

California Prop 65 Signs- General Designs

Comply with the law and help protect citizens with our Prop 65 Signs. California Prop 65 Signs are made to last.
Warning Chemicals California Cancer Sign
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Strictly Compliant Prop 65 Signs & Labels

These signs comply with all Prop 65 laws, including the stricter rules designated for alcoholic beverages.

Anodized Diamondplate™ Metal Signs & Labels for Prop 65 Compliance

Our most durable Prop 65 signs and labels are made from anodized aluminum. These Diamondplate™ Signs will look great and last for years.