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When you’re dealing with radiation, make sure you start with the best. We specialize in radiation warning products, great for research labs, hospitals, and schools. Choose standard, high-quality materials, from sturdy aluminum signs to a pack of self-laminating labels to seal in your writing.

• Alert employees and visitors with the universal trefoil symbol to limit your exposure and prevent contamination.

• Make sure you get door signs, too, so you can mark all important exits, entrances, and hazardous areas.

BioHazard SymbolThe history of the radiation graphic. Read...
Free Radiation Signs
Free Radiation Signs
Can't wait? Just download a free radiation sign PDF and print it at home.

Radiation Signs by Legend

 Custom Signs & Labels

• Select a template, choose a material, add text -- you’re done!

 Radiation Area Signs

• Mark high-risk, radiation exposure areas near employees or visitors.

 Radiation Labels & Stickers

• Provide an on-the-spot reminder and reinforce safe policies.

 Radioactive Material Signs

• Laminated, for drums, nuclear waste, and storage areas.

 Radiation Area - Authorized Personnel

• Restrict access to areas with radiation exposure using bright signs.

 Radiation Warning Signs

• A wide range of radiation warnings, for clinics, labs, and hospitals.

 Free Radiation Signs

• Customized templates free to download and print on your personal printer.

 X-Ray Radiation Signs

• Find English and bilingual signs. Free PDFs to download and print.

 Chinese & Korean Radiation Signs

• Don’t let foreign languages become a barrier to communication.

 Laser Warning Signs
 Microwave Warning Signs
 RF Warning Signs