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3-Sign Safety Status Magnetic Kit: Safety Status Risk Level - High, Low, Medium

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Legend Safety Status Risk Level - High, Low, Medium
Part# S2-0440-Kit
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Product Description

3-Sign Magnetic Kit includes three magnetic signs to indicate high, low, and medium risk levels of safety in your facility. Bold background and font colors (red for high, green for low, and yellow for medium) ensure these signs are hard to miss out. Apply and remove these signs cleanly on an iron-containing metallic surface without leaving any messy residue.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Kit)
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  7" x 10"
Material Features:
  • Magnetic, 32 mil thick, rubber.
  • Reusable dry-erase surface.
  • Conforms to most metal, slighty curved surfaces.
More Material Details
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Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Good water and chemical resistance 140ºF
Package: 1 Kit
Total: 1  Kit  $24.95
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