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Mighty Line Floor Marking Tape: 4 in. Striped Floor Marking Tape (in Roll of 100 ft.) Learn More...

Part# SF-0505

Product Description

Faster and more resilient than painting or striping with none of the down time, Mighty Line Diagonal Floor Marking Tapes were constructed for heavy-duty industrial use in the most demanding commercial environments.

  • 50 mil thick construction is seven times thicker than ordinary floor tape.
  • Aggressive rubber-based adhesive instantly bonds to almost any floor surface.
  • Beveled edges increase the strength and lifespan of the 4 Inch tape—allowing traffic and pallets to effortlessly roll over them.
  • Applies quickly for long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost of painting, or striping.
  • For the best results, apply to a smooth surface that is clean and dry.
  • Recommended for strict indoor use.
  • Ideal for marking around stationary and movable objects on the floor like pallets, machinery, equipment, racks, bins, staging, and storage areas.

    Note: to maintain longevity of placement avoid pushing and dragging pallets, or other heavy objects (without rollers) across the applied floor tape.
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  • There are lots of floor tape options on the market, but ours is tested and proven to be the best.
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  • 4" x 100'
  • Floor Signs
  • Mighty Line 5S Tape
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Mighty Line 5S Tape
Sep 30
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  • Made from 50 mil thick double-coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic that resists abrasions, fading, and discoloration. Even when exposed to water, chemical spills, ultraviolet rays, or other workplace hazards, it will continuously adhere to floors and remain visible.
  • Comes with a 10 mil thick water soluble, rubber based adhesive (that doesn't leave behind any sticky residue like acrylic adhesives) with a durable poly release liner. The pressure-sensitive high tack adhesive adheres quickly to floors, yet removes cleanly. The tape can be relocated within the first hour, after that the adhesive sets and new tape must be reapplied.
  • Floor tapes have beveled edges that improve durability when exposed to heavy forklift traffic commonly found in indoor industrial environments. The fully tapered edges have a curved surface shape that allows for a smooth transition when stepped on, or rolled over —preventing trip and impact hazards.
  • Clean and dry the floor before tape installation, any type of cleaner that does not contain acid based properties will work.
  • Sturdy and guaranteed to last, Mighty Line is ideal for high traffic areas in your warehouse and can stand up to industrial brush scrubbers, pallet jacks, forklifts, commercial vehicles, pedestrian traffic, and everyday logistic processes.
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