Cone Message Collar: Caution - Keep Out

Prevent Unauthorized Personnel.
Header Cone Message Collar
Legend Caution - Keep Out
Part# S-7501
Color Black
Contents 1 Cone Collar

Product Description

Some places are not meant for visitors. Place a Caution Keep Out Cone Collar to prevent unauthorized guests.

• Flexible sleeve fits easily over standard 18" and 28" high traffic cones. Not recommended for slim or mini traffic cones.

• Message is printed 3x on durable 10 oz. reinforced vinyl, so sleeves are highly visible from multiple directions.

• Sleeve is easily removed and can be stored flat.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Sign)
  arrowfirst Cone Collar Sleeves (Heavy Duty)
  10.25" x 9.5"
Material Features:
  • Made out woven and sealed PVC.
  • Highly visible prismatic reflective pattern.
  • Designed to fit over 18" and 28" high cones.
  • Message is printed 3 times for 360° degree viewing.
  • Flexible for easy removal and storage.
More Material Details
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Message is printed 3 times on the sleeve for 360° degree viewing.
Package: 1 Sign
Total: 1  Sign  $8.75
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