SlipSafe™ Floor Sign: Slippery When Wet (SF-0073) [ Learn More ... ]

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    20 milsFeb 23
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    •  18 mil thick, anti-skid vinyl floor sign.

    •  High visibility reminder at entrances.

    •  Great for long-term use in high traffic areas.

    16 milsFeb 23
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    •  Sandpaper finish stops slips and is strong enough withstand continual wear from attrition in high traffic areas.

    •  The base material is vinyl which features subsurface printing that is sealed with a grit textured laminate for traction.

    •  Easily adheres to any dry, clean smooth surface. Not suitable for textured or rough finished floors.

    •  GripGuard™ is designed for areas with moderate traffic from powered industrial vehicles such as forklifts, as well as pedestrian traffic.

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    Customer Reviews
    Nov 08, 2017

    Size: 25" x 12" Material Type: Plastic Folding Sign   Verified Purchase

    Oooga Oooga Booga!

    It will work perfectly for our short film, and then can be used for safety purposes!
    May 30, 2017

    Size: 6" x 24" Material Type: SlipSafe™ Anti-Skid Vinyl Floor Sign   Verified Purchase

    Excellent product

    Exactly what I ordered for a reasonable price.
    Jan 13, 2017

    Size: 24" x 18" Material Type: Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

    Fingers Crossed!

    Just what I was looking for. Now, if drivers will only pay attention!
    Jan 12, 2017

    Size: 25" x 12" Material Type: Plastic Folding Sign   Verified Purchase

    Nice signs, small issue

    The signs are great but the plastic push pins that hold the sign to the stand push against each other when the sign is closed causing a little problem. They start to push each other out of the hole.
    MySafetySign: Thank you for your feedback. We’re constantly trying to improve our products. We’ve sent your feedback to the production team to review the problem.
    Dec 29, 2016

    Size: 14" x 10" Material Type: Aluminum (40 mil)   Verified Purchase

    Great to do business with!

    Delivered on time and just what we wanted. Thanks