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Floor Stencil: Floor Stencil - No Smoking Symbol kit, one smoking symbol stencil and one crossed circle symbol Learn More...

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Part# ST-0088
Shape Stencil
Contents 1 Smoking Symbol stencil and 1 Crossed Circle Stencil

Product Description

Organize your industrial aisles with an easy-to-use floor stencil. This large versatile No Smoking symbol stencil helps prevent unsafe smoking in your facility.

  • Kit comes with two stencils. The smoking symbol is meant to be sprayed in white first and the crossed circle stencil should be sprayed in red, over the smoking symbol creating a No Smoking symbol.
Stencil ST 0088
24"x 24"24"24"18"11.74"
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Quantity / Price (Per Kit)
  • 24" x 24"
  • Reusable Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Stencil
Price List
Polyethylene Stencil
Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance Mar 8
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  • 63 mil thick, reusable polyethylene stencil.
  • Burr-free edges and rounded corners for a clean image.
  • Does not absorb paint and can be washed off.
  • Makes 100s of signs.
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0 Order Quantity:
Size:24" x 24"
Material:Polyethylene Stencil
2 Stencils/Kit
Total Price
Per Kit
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