Thickness for Aluminum Us Them
  • Base Plate
32 mil 23 mil Thicker base plate does not warp or bend back at high speeds.
  • Legends
32 mil 24 mil Thicker is better! The greatest wear is on the hinge points.
  • Numbers
17 mil 23 mil Hefty numbers last longer and flip better. DigiLockā„¢ numbers 41% thicker.
Clips & Flipping Us Them
  • Double Rivets
We led the way here.
  • Clip Toughness
High Low Tough trucks deserve tough clips!
  • Clip Material
Stainless Steel Aluminum Over time the lighter clips lose snapping power.
  • Easy of Setting Legends
It's a Snap Cumber-some Large slots and hefty placards do not bind. Smoothly flip. Securely lock.
Drain Holes & Stamp Us Them
  • Two Drain Holes / Side
Prevent sludge and ice build-up. Reduce drag.
  • Clog & Freeze Free
Channel slots propel ice, dirt, grime and salt away.
  • Easy Hole Alignment
Two holes in each corner mean more rivets - hence strength.
Print of Legend Us Them
  • Color Intensity
Bright Dull Brighter is better! Just compare. Heavy, bold colors last longer.
  • Print to Edge (meet HM206)
Print goes right to the edge. There is no white space around each placard. Each panel shows a full 10.75" width.
Stamping Us Them
  • Edge Smoothness
Smooth / Polished Rough - Cutting Hazard Burr-free finish makes flipping safe and easy.
  • Rounded Corners
Head off Driver's #1 complaint - cuts and scrapes.
Product Range Us Them
  • Kit Variations
17 9 Get only the placard legends that you need.
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