Safety Is No Accident Banner
Part# B-0180
Size 28" x 8-ft
Package 1 Banner
Material One-Sided Print Banner [BNR-01]
Printing Digital
Contents Four 2' long vinyl ropes and 12 pre-attached brass grommets.

Safety Banner 

Safety is No Accident

Package : 1 Banner • Price per Banner
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Banner
1 2 3 4 5
$85.67 $85.57 $85.47 $85.37 $85.27
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Product Description
Be Safe on Purpose! That is a critical safety message that is simple and to the point.

• Be Safe on Purpose! That is a critical safety message.

• Promote safety with these wide, in-your-face banners. The banner is 8-ft wide and can be easily hung.

• The banner can be used outdoors, in that we use sunlight and rain-resistant inks and substrates.

Material Features Show Specifications
Size:   2ft. long
Part#:  B-Ropes-2ft
Min. Order: 1  Set
Total Cost: 
Size:   2 ft.
Part#:  B-Bungee-2ft
Min. Order: 4  Rope
Total Cost: 
Size:   4 ft.
Part#:  B-Bungee-4ft
Min. Order: 4  Rope
Total Cost: 
Part#:  B-Slits
Min. Order: 1  Banner
Total Cost: 
Size:   3" x 7" (H x W)
Part#:  LB-0867
Min. Order: 1  Pack
Size:   7" x 10" (H x W)
Part#:  S-4102
Min. Order: 1  Label
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