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Fire Equipment Sign: Fire Equipment (Arrow)

Header Fire Equipment Sign
Legend Fire Equipment (Arrow)
Part# S-1616
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Product Description

Give people the tools they need to save lives in an emergecy. Use a "fire equipment " sign. Prepare for emergencies.

• Safety promotes an attitude of caring that leads to higher quality work and less injuries.

• A sign not only helps you comply with laws and regulations, it makes you facility a better place to work.

• A sign makes your policy clear.

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  arrowfirst Adhesive Signs and Labels  
  18" x 4" 12/13
Material Features:
  • 4 mil thick, conformable vinyl.
  • Aggressive adhesive backing.
  • Laminate protects against graffiti and abrasions.
  • Labels withstand water and chemical splashes.
  • Glossy finish is easy to clean.
More Material Details
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Lasts 5+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 140ºF
Package: 1 Sign
Total: 1  Sign  $6.45
  18" x 4" 12/13
Material Features:
  • 3M Engineer Grade, reflective labels.
  • Aggressive adhesive backing.
  • Uses 3M matched component inks and films.
  • 7 years outdoor life.
  • Easy to spot at night with a flashlight or headlight.
More Material Details
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Lasts 7+ years outside. Sign reflects light from a flashlight. Good water and chemical resistance Super strong 3M adhesive bonds the sticker to the surface. 160°F
Package: 1 Sign
Total: 1  Sign  $14.95
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