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Easy to identify. Peel-and-stick floor sign is printed in fade-proof, high-contrast colors.

  • Industrial-grade signs handle forklift, other vehicle, and pedestrian traffic.
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  • 12" x 12"
  • Floor Signs
  • Floor Signs
Floor Signs
Sep 22
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  • Floor Signs are 20 mils thick.
  • Signs are made of plastic with a rubber based adhesive.
  • Be sure to apply the floor signs to a clean and dry surface.
  • Do not use acid based cleaners while preparing the floor surface. Once the floor is clean and dry apply the signs and add pressure to secure the sign.
  • The floor signs are intended for indoor heavy duty traffic, however, if a concrete sealer is applied, the signs can be used outdoors.
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Size:12" x 12"
Material:Floor Signs
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