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Argon Warning Signs

Overview Overview

Classified as an inert gas with practically no chemical reactivity, Argon is the third most common gas found in Earth’s atmosphere. It is nonflammable and presents a very minimal risk of danger, but don’t let this inactive gas fool you. Due to its lack of color and odor it is undetectable, and when present in large quantities it can become a deadly asphyxiant. It poses an especially extreme hazard when storage tanks rupture, leading to ghastly physical injuries such as frostbite when rapid release of the gas makes contact with exposed skin. Our Argon Signs alert individuals to the presence of this gas, allowing proper steps to be taken when handled or stored to minimize potential health risks.

Argon Warning Signs

Customer Reviews

Sean Q. Feb 09, 2018

OSHA Caution Sign
Part #: S-5829 7" x 10" HDPE Plastic Sign   Verified Purchase

Clear lettering, bold colors

Clear lettering, bold colors