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Which of the following should you NOT do while lifting objects?
  • (A)  Keep the object close to your body
  • (B)  Keep your back straight
  • (C)  Bend at the knees
  • (D)  Keep your feet together
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But you SHOULD do this when you’re attempting to parallel ski.
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Correct answer is:
  • (D)  Keep your feet together
The AAOS lists its instructions for properly lifting a heavy object:

- Plan ahead before lifting an object. Decide in advance where the load will be placed after it has been lifted. The path in between where the load is kept and where it has to be placed should be free from obstacles.

- Keep yourself close to the object you wish to lift.

- Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. This gives you a solid base to support.

- Bend at your knees.

- Tighten the stomach muscles.

- Lift the load with your leg muscles as you stand up. Leg muscles are stronger than back muscles.

- Do not lift an object which is too heavy or has an awkward shape, all alone. Get help.

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