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Bilingual ANSI Warning / Advertencia Sign: Hazardous Voltage Inside - Can Shock, Burn, Or Cause Death. Keep Out. If Open Or Unlocked, Immediately Call Electric Power And Light Company Learn More...

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Part# S-9182-BI
Colors Orange and Black
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Mr. Ouch is symbol adopted by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) as a warning to "stay away". Discourage children from touching open equipment cabinets by posting this Mr. Ouch ANSI Bilingual Sign.

  • Sign can be installed at home, neighborhood, schoolyard, shopping center, and place of recreation where there is an electrical equipment to which kids may have an easy reach.
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Acrylic Labels
Lasts 5+ years outside. Label breaks into small pieces if someone tries to remove it. Tag has great water resistance. Can conform to a curved surface. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. -40°F - 212°F Aug 4
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  • Constructed from 2 mil (.020") thick topcoated acrylic film with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
  • Destructible Acyrlic breaks apart into minute pieces alerting you when the label has been tampered with.
  • Extremely sturdy material is able to tolerate a wide threshold of temperatures, including the high heat that typically builds up on a transformer in direct sunlight.
  • Specifically designed for transformers and other exterior applications, acrylic labels generally have an outdoor life of 5+ years.
  • Weather-resistant pigments prevent fading, while a clear UV resistant laminate ensures your colors stay vibrant as day they were produced.
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Size:10.5" x 4.5"
Material:Acrylic Labels
25 Labels/Pack
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