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DoorBoss Signs: Portable, Lightweight Safety Barriers

It’s critical that both your staff and your guests understand the hazards that surround them. It’s even more important that untrained workers stay away from hazardous areas in your establishment.

Safety signs are effective in doing this. However, language barriers and ambiguous warnings can cause workers to unwittingly walk into danger. Our DoorBoss Signs solve this problem. The two-in-one barricade signs feature a compressible pole and a signface (with the message) slid on it. While the signface alerts personnel to the danger, the pole acts as a barrier to restrict entry.

The sign relays the specificity of or the reason for the restriction (a confined space, a quarantined room with biohazard, a flammable material storage area etc.,) and the pole seals off the room in case the message isn’t understood or is ignored.

How to use a DoorBoss Door Barricade Sign:

  1. Slide the single-sided sign face over the pole.
  2. Compress the pole and position it against the door frame.
  3. To change your message, simply slide out the sign face and replace it with another one.

You can buy a DoorBoss sign in combination (pole and a sign face) or get different sign faces for an existing pole.

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