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| March 23, 2017

EPA research shows that U.S. pesticide usage totaled over 1.1 billion pounds yearly in both 2011 and 2012. An obvious sector that uses these pesticides is agricultural farm lands and product residues.

Most of the produce grown in farms today are sprayed with synthetic pesticides to deter insects and rodents, and prevent weeds from destroying the harvest. However, organic farms are required by law to stay away from or limit the use of these synthetic pesticides. Such farms also refrain from the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.

But when organic farm fields are in close proximity to commercial farms using synthetic pesticides, it creates a problem for the former. This problem is called the pesticide spray drift.

EPA defines pesticide spray drift as the physical movement of a pesticide through air at the time of application or soon thereafter, to any site other than that intended.

Organic farmers need to protect their lands from sprays in adjoining lands, roadsides, and public right-of-way. Farmers usually inform neighboring farm owners about their spraying preference, but slips can still occur. For example, a drift can happen during roadside spraying when a hired crew instead of local personnel spray the fields.

Pesticides spray drift can contaminate crops significantly in organic farms. No Spraying Signs can help farmers keep a safe distance from toxic pesticides. Organic Farm No Spraying Signs are ideal for certified organic, for-profit farms implementing organic practices, and backyard farmers practicing organic farming.

No Spraying Sign for Farm
Signs are especially important if your organic farm is a rented land far away from home where you cannot monitor activities until the damage has been done.
Installing signs near farm entrances or property lines can act like a small insurance for your land and will keep strange applicators from spraying any kind of prohibited substance on your crops.

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