Safety wallet cards: a pocket reference for safe work practices

| April 16, 2013


safety wallet cards

Safety Wallet Cards fit easily in your wallet.

For many industries, a small slip in safety can mean serious injury or cost. As such, it becomes important that stringent safety measures are practiced and company safety policies are followed to the letter. Employee training helps achieve that, but it’s difficult for even experts to retain all the details of safety procedures.

Safety Wallet Cards are a quick fix; these reference cards are printed with important safety guidelines that can be looked up whenever an employee starts an operation or gets stuck in one.  Whether it is handling and storing hazardous chemicals, signaling a forklift in and out of its path, or practicing CPR, safety wallet cards serve as a crucial and convenient reference.

When issued to certified staff, these safety wallet cards also serve as an identity proof to distinguish trained from untrained personnel in a facility and assign responsibility when an incident occurs.

The plastic card printed with clear graphics and legible font fits easily in a pocket or wallet. Printed on both sides, it can hold sufficient information needed to safely carry out a routine, risky procedures.

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