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Product Description

Here's a great product to connect two plastic chains together on a bollard, delineator, pole, or post. This Connect-All chain connector strap is adjustable up to 11" diameter. Use this elastic strap with our plastic chains and stanchions to better manage crowd or mark unsafe/restricted areas.

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  • Connect All Strap
  • Connect All Small Strap - Up to 11" Diameter
  • Connect All Small Strap - Up to 17" Diameter
Connect All Small Strap - Up to 11" Diameter
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  • Made of thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Has 2 adjustable C-Hooks for attaching plastic chain.
  • The slide hooks can be positioned 180 degrees apart to form a straight line or 90 degrees apart to around a corner.
  • Use with plastic chain (sold separately) to create an effective visual barrier.
  • Made with flexible strap and two slide hooks. It will fit around any shape bollard, pole or post up to 11" in diameter.
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Material:Connect All Small Strap - Up to 11" Diameter
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