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Part# BD-0654
Size 2.125" x 3.375" (H x W)
Package 1 Card
Material Bi-Fold Safety Wallet Cards [SH-SWC-FOLD]
Printing Digital

Fold-over (Bi-Fold) Laminated Safety Wallet Card 

Choose The Right Respirator with Graphic

Package : 1 Card • Price per Card
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Card
1 12 24 60 500
$5.95 $2.75 $1.99 $1.49 99¢
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Product Description
Do not let your employees get dependent on anyone to choose the right respirator. Issue them this handy wallet card that fits snuggly in their pocket.

• Bi-Fold Wallet Card stores enormous amount of safety information within. Different kinds of respirators are listed with their images and description in the inner fold of the wallet card.

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Size:   7" x 10" (H x W)
Part#:  S-4038
Min. Order: 1  Sign
Size:   10" x 14" (H x W)
Part#:  S-4052
Min. Order: 1  Sign
Size:   7" x 10" (H x W)
Part#:  S-4050
Min. Order: 1  Sign
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