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Product Description

Banner Stake’s magnetic barrier systems are a versatile, space saving, alternative to traditional stanchion and base barrier systems.

  • Retractable belt is made of 2.5" wide polyester fabric.
  • Rust-proof allowing you to use the barrier system for all of your indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Made from powerful rare-earth magnets.
  • Available in a variety of popular legends.
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  • 2.5" x 84"
  • Barricade Tape
  • Magnetic Barrier System
Magnetic Barrier System
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  • 2.5" Retractable belt.
  • Rustproof for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Made from rare-earth magnets.
  • Available in varuous legends.
  • Can be adapted for non magnetic surfaces.
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Size:2.5" x 84"
Material: Magnetic Barrier System
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