Compare Prices

Feel free to compare our prices with our the leading safety sign competitors. Some typical sign orders are shown in the table below:
Comparison of Sign Prices
If you find a sign with a comparable legend, size and quality at a better delivered price from a competitor, we will gladly match it.
The following chart gives you a quick price summary of common sizes and materials for safety signs:

• Price comparison survey is based on prices posted on public web sites during the first week of January, 2017. The survey included the largest four distributors of safety signs and another leading online competitor. The survey is based on comparable materials and includes shipping charges to UPS Zone 5. We looked at a basket of typical orders (stock and custom, large orders and small orders). Each time we do our survey, the temptation, of course, is to increase prices. Luckily, the marketing staff prevails and we are committed to web-best pricing.

• Prices include free shipping (for all orders over $25.00). As an example, an order of $120 saves you approximately $20.00 in shipping charges.

• All signs use heavy-duty aluminum (up to 0.080" thick for the larger sizes).

• All signs are laminated for durablity. You do not pay extra for this protection.

• Only certain quantity prices breaks are shown in this summary. In many cases, there are intermediate price breaks that are not shown above. For example, there are even better pricing available when you order more than 100 custom signs.