Confined Space Quiz

Can you answer these questions?

When you see this sign with the word DANGER and this image you should understand that:
  • (A)  There’s a man hiding in a cardboard box and he’s coming to get you
  • (B)  You are entering an area with confined space
  • (C)  This is an entry to air duct. Air pressure may suck you further inside
  • (D)  None of the above
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Authorized personnel are “authorized” because they have been trained to handle themselves in dangerous confined spaces.
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Correct answer is:
  • (B)  You are entering an area with confined space
As per OSHA, if a workplace has permit spaces, the employer must inform exposed employees with danger signs or other warnings about the existence and location of permit spaces and the hazards associated with them. NOTE: A sign that reads “DANGER -- PERMIT-REQUIRED CONFINED SPACE”, “DO NOT ENTER” or other similar language meets the requirement for a warning sign.
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