Contact Point Labels

Help protect truck drivers and prevent accidents with Truck Safety Labels. Labels are easy to apply and stay on for years, serving as constant reminders for employees on the safest way to enter and exit trucks.

• Choose the label that is right for your truck. We have 3 Point Contact Labels for fuel trucks, truck cabs, and the backs of trucks.

• Vinyl Labels are durable enough for daily use. Reflective Labels are highly visible.

• Scroll over labels for more details on label sizing, pack size and pricing. Questions? Our live support team is ready, willing and able to help.

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3 Point Contact Labels - Tanker Back
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For Tanker Back
3 Point Contact Labels - Tractor
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Caution - 3 Point Contact
3 Point Contact Labels, Trailer Roll Up Door
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For Trailer Roll Up Door
3 Point Contact Labels - Trailer Swing Doors
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For Trailer Swing Doors
3 Point Contact Labels - Forklift Seat
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Forklift Seat Label
3 Point Contact Enter And Exit Caution Sign
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Enter & Exit (For Trucks)
Enter & Exit Caution Label
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Enter & Exit (For Trucks)