Do Custom Safety Signs Work?

Custom Sign Sample
In an emergency, don't let your fingers do the walking!
A custom safety sign can give a way to reach you. In an emergency, you don't want someone fumbling through the phone book to report an accident or a potentially dangerous situation. Allow others to call for get help or to report a trespasser. It’s easy for cite examples of a sign not having a telephone number and valuable, and often lifesaving, minutes were lost.
Signs are the fastest and most direct mode of communication between managers and their employees, conveying vital information at a glance. Whether warning of a potential hazard or reminding to keep clean, signs can speak in the place of managers, keeping a steady and unobtrusive watch over the workplace. A custom sign, with personalized text, can have a special impact.
• Today, the cost of a custom sign is 50% of its cost just 10 years ago. In many cases, ordering custom signs is no more expensive than purchasing stock items from mail order safety catalogues. So instead of displaying an impersonal generic advisory, or a one-size-fits-all precaution, design a custom sign with plant-specific information tailored to your individual needs.
• Managers should select their signs as carefully as they would select their words when communicating personally with an employee. When signs are cluttered with too much information, the point is lost and the employee's time is wasted; too little, however, can be condescending and ineffective. Signs should speak to employees as a manager would: providing relevant and specific information to allow them to use their own judgment and stay out of danger.
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