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Door Latch Magnet: Warning Metal Door Frame Magnet In Use / Not For Use With Fire Doors Or Emergency Exits (S2-1564) Learn More...

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Part# S2-1564
SPN# 97G3
Colors Red, Black And Yellow
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Apply the magnet over the door latch to keep your auto door lock from closing on you. Simply remove the magnet from latch when you want to allow the door to lock.

  • Heavy duty magnet creates a strong bond to any metal door frame. Magnet is 32 mil thick.
  • Use the white area to center over the latch plate. Magnet will stay in place as you open and close the door, while the latch stays covered preventing the door to lock.
  • Magnet can also be used on wooden door frames by drilling metal plates above and below your door latch plate.
  • Please check with your local fire marshall before using this product.
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  • 1.75" x 8.875"
  • Door Latch Magnet
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