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Double-Sided Bilingual OSHA Potable Water Tags: Notice - Potable Drinking Water Only, Do Not Open Without Proper Authorization, Dipping Into Water Is Strictly Prohibited / Aviso - Solo Agua Potable, ... Learn More...

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Part# TG-0495
Colors Blue and Black
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Add owner's name and other details on the back side of this Double- Sided Bilingual Potable Water Tag using a pen or permanent marker.

  • Offered as Flexcard, cardstock, and plastic, the tags feature a writable surface.
  • Tag helps you meet OSHA guidelines for marking potable water containers.
  • Pre-punched hole helps you attach the tag to any container using a wire or string.
tips 1910.120(n)(2): Nonpotable water. (i) Outlets for nonpotable water, such as water for firefighting purposes shall be identified to indicate clearly that the ...
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3.375" x 5.875"
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  • 3.375" x 5.875"
  • 10 Tags Mini Pack
  • Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet
  • Sealed 30 mil Plastic, Grommet
  • Plastic Tags
  • Eco-Tag 10 mil Plastic, Eyelet
  • Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet
  • Sealed 30 mil Plastic, Grommet
  • Plastic Tags (No Eyelet)
  • No Eyelet, Eco-Tag 10 mil Plastic
Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet
Difficult to tear Should last 1 year, plus, outside. Please test in your application. Good water and chemical resistance Tag pull strength is 50 lbs. Jul 6
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  • 15 mil thick plastic vinyl.
  • Flexible, water-resistant material.
  • Digitally printed with UV-resistant inks to avoid fading. Includes hole with reinforced metal eyelet.
  • Write on surface with pen or permanent marker.
  • Use indoors or outdoors.
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Size:3.375" x 5.875"
Material:Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet
10 Tags/Pack
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