Die-Cut Fire Extinguisher Stickers & Signs

Property owners and inspectors are increasingly recommending reflective stickers for their fire extinguisher locations. It’s surprisingly easy to retrofit your cabinets with a sticker that can really make a safety difference.

Reflective Fire Extinguisher Sign

Make sure that your fire extinguishers can be found quickly – even in a blackout or low light condition. Our die-cut fire extinguisher signs are available in reflective materials.
Fire extinguisher cabinet label Reflective fire extinguisher sign
Reflectivity is an important safety feature, especially when seconds count.

Fire Extinguisher Sign – Installation Hints

It’s easy to install your Die-Cut Fire Extinguisher sign. Start with a clean, dry surface. Make sure that oils and other dirt is removed. Use any common glass cleaner.
Next, remove the paper liner – but keep the premask on the label. For some die-cut labels, the paper liner may have a backslit. If so, remove just half of the paper liner. Then you can slide the sign along your application surface to make sure that it is level and aligned properly. Once positioned, remove the other half of the liner (again keeping the premask on the label) and full adhere your sign to glass or cabinet door.
Glass or cabinet door die cut fire extinguisher sign
Now that your sign is placed on your glass or other flat surface, apply pressure on the premask side of the sign. We use a squeegee – or, just as effective – use a credit card. That will help remove bubbles and wrinkles.
Die-cut fire extinguisher sign
Installing a Fire Extinguisher Sticker
If you have another sign, you can repeat the process. Some customers recommend a dry-erase marker to show the proper spot for each sign. This can be rubbed off – after your sign has been applied.