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Projecting Fire Extinguisher Sign: Fire Extinguisher (with Down Arrow & Graphic) Learn More...

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Part# S-4663-RD
Color Red
Shape Projecting V

Product Description

There's no use of a fire extinguisher in your facility if nobody is able to spot it!

  • VISIBLE ALL ANGLES. Spot your fire extinguisher as you walk down a hallway. Or, unlike L-Bend signs, you can easily see the message if you approach the sign “straight-on”. Once mounted, this V-bend sign projects about 4.1” from the wall – so it is easy to see, but still stay out of harms way. Sign has an innovative 74° bend (versus a 90° bend) which offers superior visibility when, as usual, the sign is approached from an angle.
  • TOUGH. Uses 120 mil thick high impact resistant acrylic, with baked on enamel ink. This sign outlasts abuse and is 20% thicker than competitors. It passes the “hammer impact” test. Sign also features baked on enamel ink – which outlasts many competitors that just use stick-on graphics or easy-scratch ink jet printing.
  • OFFICE READY. With polished edges, rounded corners and a high gloss finish, this fire extinguisher sign is suitable for offices – or the factory. Compare to rough “saw cut” edges and square corners from others.
  • EASY INSTALL. Sign has four holes – and the creates a more stable mounting method than other signs in the market. Hardware is also included – which is yet another advantage of this fire extinguisher sign. Choose either high bond adhesive strips or a screws (or both). Signs have 1” flanges and 6” x 5” sign faces.
  • COMPLIANT. Most jurisdictions have a standard requirement that fire extinguishers be identified with a sign. In an emergency, seconds count. A projecting Fire Extinguisher Sign are especially useful fire extinguishers kept in a cabinet or tucked into a location that is immediately visible. Signs also help you comply with the NFPA Life Safety Code and OSHA 1910.157.
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Acrylic Projecting
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Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance 200ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Apr 19
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  • Visible from all directions. Quickly spot emergency equipment.
  • 120 mils polished acrylic with flame treated edge.
  • Direct print on both sides – outlasts competitive decal-based projecting signs.
  • Includes handy attachment kit.
  • Innovative 74° bend for superior visibility.
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Size:6" x 5"
Material:Acrylic Projecting
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Customer Reviews

Woman User Icon
Sep 09, 2020

Size: 6" x 5" Material Type: Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Sign   Verified Purchase

Fire Extinguisher with down arrow projecting V-shape acrylic sign

Product arrived quickly. Looks to be made well.
Man User Icon
Feb 28, 2020

Size: 6" x 5" Material Type: Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Sign   Verified Purchase

fire extinguishers location signs

It's important that staff and even visitors to a facility is able to see and be aware of where fire extinguishers are located in a building as you know this fire extinguishers are inside cabinets almost flush with the walls and it's hard to see them put with this signs hanging over the fire extinguishers cabinets people will be able to spot where they are located quickly in case of an actual fire and people are not guessing where the fire extinguishers locations are. Gerard Maintenance Director.
Woman User Icon
Dec 27, 2019

Size: 6" x 5" Material Type: Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Sign   Verified Purchase

Great !

This is perfect for us to install on an interior pole.
Man User Icon
Dec 19, 2019

Size: 6" x 5" Material Type: Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Sign   Verified Purchase

Looks Good

Ordering was easy and signage was what was expected
Man User Icon
Aug 15, 2019

Size: 6" x 5" Material Type: Projecting Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Keep things simple

The sign keeps things simple and the message clear.