Fire Safety Quiz

Can you answer these questions?

Which of the following should you do if you are unable to evacuate a burning building?
  • (A)  Open the doors and windows to let the smoke out
  • (B)  Break windows
  • (C)  Breathe through your mouth
  • (D)  Stay low under the smoke
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Correct answer is:
  • (D)  Stay low under the smoke
If you’re unable to escape the building, you should create an area of refuge by-

- Sealing the room. Stuff wet cloth around cracks in doors, and seal up vents. This stops the smoke from coming through such openings.
- Keeping windows and doors closed. Do not break windows. Smoke and flames can come in from the inside. Crack open a window slightly if you need air.
- Staying low under smoke. Smoke, heat, and poisonous gases rise, leaving the freshest air closer to the floor. Remember to cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth.
- Breathing only through your nose.
- Hanging something in the window to signal for help.

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