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Firewall Signs

Firewall Signs
Quickly identify which walls are fire-rated and the level of fire protection that they provide.
  • • Signs help you meet the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC). Signs should be spaced in a way that they can be seen from each possible location – and the recommendation is that a 30 foot spacing is best. The IBC also requires lettering on the sign to be not less than 3” in height with a minimum 3/8” stroke height in a contrasting color.
  • • Our reflective signs are ideal for many facilities – fire walls can be spotted in dark areas.
  • • For extra emphasis, consider using our stencils to post multiple warnings on your firewalls.
  • • For more information, visit our - Rated Fire Wall FAQs
Smoke Barrier Signs
Post Smoke Barrier Signs to remind everyone to keep smoke barriers closed at all times.
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Fire Wall Signs

1 Hour Fire Protect Openings And Penetrations Wall Sign
1 Hour Fire Barrier Protect Openings And Penetrations Sign
1 Hour Fire And Smoke Wall Sign
Attention Fire Wall Protect Openings And Penetrations Sign
2 Hour Fire Barrier Protect All Openings Sign
2 Hour Smoke Protect Openings And Penetrations Wall Sign
2 Hour Fire And Smoke Protect Openings Wall Sign
3 Hour Fire Protect All Openings Wall Sign
Fire And/OR Smoke Barrier, Protect All Openings Sign
Firewall Do Not Penetrate Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Fire and-or Smoke Barrier Protect All Openings Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Spanish Barrera De Humo Y/O Fuego Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Bilingual Fire Smoke Barrier, Protect All Openings Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Blow Out Wall Don't Block Warning Sign
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"

Fire Wall Stencils

Do Not Penetrate Stencil
10"x48" to 18"x96"
Fire Wall Safety Stencil
10"x30" to 18"x78"
1 Hour Fire Partition Fire Safety Stencil
2 Hour Fire Barrier Fire Safety Stencil
3 Hour Fire Wall Fire Safety Stencil

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are rated fire wall signs made of?


Our collection of rated fire wall signs features both adhesive labels and rigid signs. Most of these signs are available in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 5” to 10” x 14”, and the material options vary across these sizes. We offer a larger size as well with this Fire & Smoke Barrier Sign measuring 12” x 24”. Made of polyester, the labels are laminated for extended durability and come with an aggressive adhesive backing. Reflective labels are available too. 

Our rigid signs are made of either plastic or aluminum. The plastic signs are made of 55 mil thick plastic suitable for indoor and limited outdoor use. Ideal for long-term outdoor use, the aluminum rated fire wall signs are constructed using heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum. We offer reflective aluminum rated fire wall signs as well, which promise 10-year durability backed by a 3M warranty. 

Q. Do you have an IBC compliant fire/smoke barrier sign?


This particular fire and/or smoke barrier sign that we offer features 3" high text in bold lettering. It is fully compliant with the IBC’s specifications for all marking and identification of fire walls, fire barriers, fire partitions, smoke barriers, smoke partitions, or any other wall required to have protected openings or penetrations. 

Other fire wall/barrier-related signs have also been designed with clear and bold text with contrasting backgrounds for best visibility. We offer reflective sign and label options to facilitate quick identification in emergencies.

Q. Do you offer fire wall rating signs in any other languages?


Yes, we do. In addition to fire wall rating signs in English, we offer Spanish and English-Spanish bilingual fire wall signs as well. Should you need a sign in a language different from these, you may reach out to us at 800 952 1457 or [email protected], and we shall be happy to help.

Q. How durable are your fire wall stencils?


Made of 63 mil thick polyethylene, our fire wall stencils outlast oil boards and other stencil materials. Each stencil promises at least 2-year durability and can be used repeatedly to create 100s of signs. Watch this quick video where we demonstrate the applications of our reusable stencils.

Q. What type of paint should I use to create a sign using your rated fire wall stencil?


You may use any regular spray paint or order our stencil ink available in six colors and easily create your sign with our reusable rated fire wall stencils. The stencils are routed and have burr-free edges, which ensures the image produced is clean and crisp. The stencils do not absorb paint and can be washed off. Flexing or bending the stencil causes dry paint to crack, flake, and peel right off.

Q. How does quantity-based discount work?

Quantity-based discount results in a decreased cost per unit of goods or materials when purchased in bulk. For this discount to be applicable, all the ordered items must be of the same design, size, material, color, and print.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Jun 13, 2022

Fire Barrier Label : Attention - 1 Hr Rated Fire...
Part #: S-8942 7" x 10" Reflective Adhesive Signs and Labels   Verified Purchase

This is a neccesity

This was so much better than stencils, and paint LOL. I will definitely be buying again
Man User Icon
Feb 28, 2022

Fire Wall Stencil : 1 Hour Fire Partition
Part #: ST-0435 24" x 24" Reusable Polyethylene Stencil, 63 mil Thick   Verified Purchase

Heavy Duty - Perfect for Multiple Uses

The stencil was heavy duty and just what we needed to label several areas for a project. Would recommend.
Man User Icon
Jan 04, 2022

Fire Wall Label : Attention - 1 Hr Rated Fire Wall,...
Part #: S-8938 10" x 14" Adhesive Polyester Labels   Verified Purchase

Fire wall signs

Signs are nice and were delivered very fast.
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Sep 27, 2021

Floor Stencil : Fire Door, Do Not Block
Part #: ST-2068 24" x 24" Reusable Polyethylene Stencil, 63 mil Thick   Verified Purchase

Works Great

works great
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Jul 28, 2021

Fire & Smoke Wall Label : Attention - 1 Hr Rated Fire/Smoke...
Part #: S-8937 10" x 14" Reflective Adhesive Signs and Labels   Verified Purchase

Awesome product

Good product, easy install. Fast shipping!