Projecting First Aid V-Sign: First Aid (With Plus Symbol)

Header Projecting First Aid V-Sign
Legend First Aid (With Plus Symbol)
Part# S2-0298
Color Green
Shape Projecting V

Product Description

A simple first aid sign can save a life during sudden illness or injury. What matters is the visibility of sign.

• Projecting signs offer much more visibility than normal sign plates.

• Printed on two sides, these are ideal for long hallways.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Sign)
  arrowfirst Projecting Signs
  6" x 5"
Material Features:
  • Read from any direction.
  • Use above doors or emergency equipment.
  • Pre-drilled holes for installation.
  • Hardware not included.
More Material Details
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Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance 200ºF Mounts with screws or clips.
Package: 1 Sign
Total: 1  Sign  $11.95
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