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Which of the following is the most serious burn that destroys skin and underlying tissue?
  • (A)  First-degree burns
  • (B)  Second-degree burns
  • (C)  Third-degree burns
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Correct answer is:
  • (C)  Third-degree burns
Third-degree burns are the most serious in nature. In these, all layers of skin are burned and underlying tissues are permanently damaged. Muscles, fat, and even bones may be affected with a third-degree burn. A third-degree burn victim should be treated very cautiously.

Mayo Clinic advises that a first-aider should:

  • Call 911 or a local emergency number
  • Move the victim away from smoke, heat or smoldering materials; not try to remove burned clothing
  • Check for victim’s breathing and movement followed by CPR in case the former is absent
  • Remove jewelry, belts and other restrictive items, especially from around burned areas and the neck.
  • NOT immerse burns in cold water as it may lead to hypothermia and weakening of circulation and blood pressure
  • Elevate burned body parts above heart level
  • Cover the burned area with a cool, moist, sterile bandage or cloth towels.
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