Floor Stencil Instructions

Floor Stencil Instructions
Floor Stencils
Simple Floor Stencil Do's and Don'ts
Proper use and maintenance of your new floor stencils will produce better results, and help your floor stencils last for years to come. All of our stencils carry a 5 year warranty against cracking and tearing, but your stencils can last for far longer with proper maintenance and storage. To help keep your stencil in good shape for years of service, follow these simple rules:
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Solvents may be used to clean stencils after immediate use or simply bend the stencil back and forth and the paint will peel off.
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Unroll stencils to flatten them out. Store stencils flat during off seasons and reuse them over and over without any harm to the stencil.
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Take care when handling your stencil to prevent stretching of the tie areas.
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Don't allow paint to build up on the stencil and become dry.
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Don't allow stencils to set where it is warm to avoid curling.
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Don't mishandle your stencil to prevent stretching of the tie areas.
For step-by step instructions on how to reuses your stencils again and again,
check out our Reusable Polyethylene Stencil Video.
Floor Stencils Hints
  • Other Helpful Hints
    • Spraying the stencil with cooking spray or silicone lubricant before spraying enamels will help the paint come off more easily after use.
    • Move the spray gun or can along the stencil as you spray to keep the spray nozzle the same distance and perpendicular to the stencil. Moving the spray nozzle in an arc will result in "foggy" edges and incomplete coverage.
    • Small or thin stencils used for marking cartons, can be taped to the back of a piece of cardboard that has a "window" cut out for the stencil. This helps keep the stencil flat and makes it easier to hold.
Depending on the size of the stencil, number of characters, and the paint used, some "lifting" or "cupping" may occur in certain areas. This is normal, but should never exceed 1/4". To minimize this condition, always lay the stencil flat after use.