Freeze Warning Door Hanger: Let Your Faucets Drip, Open Cabinet Doors Below Sink, Keep Heat At 65° Or Higher (TG-1004) Learn More...

Part# TG-1004
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Affix these paper tags to your renters’ door handles and inform them to take steps to prevent bursting of pipes.

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    Jun 17
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    • Made from 9 pt white paper with an elegant matte finish.
    • Easy to fit over most door handles, the 1.25" die-cut knob hole has a perforated slit to slide over handles and keeps the hang tag in place. Door hangers are compatible with a broad range of door handle diameters.
    • Digitally printed with rich colors and shading that provides crisp clarity and definition to your selected artwork.
    • Available in stock and custom designs. Custom design allow you to personalize your message with a company name and address.
    • End uses include: business announcements, advisory notices, maintenance records, delivery and service messages.
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