Z-Sign for Ceiling (2-Sided): Hard Hat Required Beyond This (Front) / Think Safety First (Back)

Header Z-Sign for Ceiling (2-Sided)
Legend Hard Hat Required Beyond This (Front) / Think Safety First (Back)
Part# S2-1196
Colors Green and Blue
Shape Z Ceiling

Product Description

Ensure a safe environment at your workplace. Inform workers to wear personal protective equipment before entering specific area.

• This Z-shaped, two-sided safety sign hangs easily from ceiling tiles.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Sign)
  arrowfirst Ceiling Tile Signs
  10" x 14"
Material Features:
  • 35 mil thick aluminum hangs from ceiling tiles.
  • Mark emergency equipment or offices.
  • Easy installation in most office.
  • Double-sided for increased visibility.
More Material Details
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Lasts 5+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance 200ºF Mounts with screws or clips.
Package: 1 Sign
Total: 1  Sign  $24.95
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