Hazard Communication Quiz

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The maintenance department in your plant found that Lysol® Toilet Bowl Cleaner does a great job for polishing the outside of storage tanks. Your supervisor says that there is no need to train you because the material is a common consumer cleaning product and you will be using it for its intended use. Is this the proper procedure?
  • (A)  Yes
  • (B)  No
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Correct answer is:
  • (B)  No
Employees who are required to work with hazardous chemicals--in a manner that results in a duration and frequency of exposure greater than what a normal consumer would experience--have a right to know about the properties of those hazardous chemicals. Cleaning the outside of storage tanks typically would take much more time than cleaning a toilet bowl. Similarly, if your job is to clean toilets, your frequency of exposure would be much greater than someone cleaning a toilet in a home.
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