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Baseline audiograms should be provided with ____ months of an employee’s first exposure to a noise level equal to or exceeding an average of 85 decibels every hour for eight hours.
  • (A)  6
  • (B)  9
  • (C)  10
  • (D)  11
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Correct answer is:
  • (A)  6
The baseline audiogram is the initial audiogram against which all future ones are compared, to yield a measure of hearing change.

Employers are required by OSHA to present baseline audiograms within six months of a worker’sfirst exposure to noise level equal to or exceeding an 8-hour TWA (Time Weighted Average) of 85 decibels. OSHA allows an exception only when employer makes use of a mobile test van for an audiogram, which allows for another six months of leeway, up to a year within the initial exposure to overly loud noise.

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