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Ladder Barrier: Warning Unauthorized Use of This Ladder May Cause Serious Injury Keep Away (S2-4181) Learn More...

Part# S2-4181
Colors Black and Yellow

Product Description

The ladder barrier allows you to keep your customers safe around home improvement jobs. No more having to put plywood or tarps over your ladders to keep unwanted people off them. Keep your ladder up and in position with no worries.

  • Eliminates the need for makeshift ladder shields. Barrier gives a safe and secure option to keeping your ladder up while maintaining a professional look.
  • Compatible with standard aluminum extension ladder.
  • Foldable, hinge design allows for compact storage.
  • U-shaped backing easily hangs over the ladder rung. Overhang is 2" in depth.
  • Thread a chain through the 1" diameter bottom hole and secure the barrier to the ladder using a padlock.
tips 1926.1053(b)(8): ...A barricade shall be used to keep the activities or traffic away from the ladder.
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  • 49.625"H x 11"W x 2"D
  • Rigid Signs
  • Ladder Shield
Ladder Shield
Jul 26
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  • Durable 60 mil aluminum with a bright safety yellow color.
  • 49.625" H x 11" W when fully extended. Hinged design compacts to 13" L x 11" W when folded.
  • Covers up to 5 rungs. Results may vary depending on ladder model.
  • U-shaped overhang is 2" wide and can fit over standard extension ladders.
  • 1" hole at the bottom to thread a chain and padlock through to keep secure.
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Material:Ladder Shield
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