Multiple Power Source Signs

Multiple Source Signs become necessary when there is more than one power source and a single disconnect does not shut off all power. Signs help ensure that your electrical workers stay safe and lockout each power feed. Use these power signs near electrical equipment and panels to inform personnel of multiple energy sources. You can also place these signs throughout your facility to inform firefighters and safety inspectors of the multiple power feeds to your building. This provides crucial information during inspection, emergency shut-off, and other contingencies.

• Choose from multiple power source signs with or without pictogram/graphic to suit individual requirements.

• Select signs made of durable plastic or heavy-duty aluminum. Signs are built to last for 10 years or more outdoors.

• We offer caution, warning, and danger power source signs to indicate different level of severity of hazards.

• Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have questions in mind? We’re just a call away!

Lockout All Power Sources
Lockout All Power Sources
Find labels that show that you need to isolate and lockout multiple power sources.
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Jun 01, 2017

OSHA Caution Sign : This Panel is Powered By More Than...
Part #: S-9907 7" x 10" Aluminum (40 mil)   Verified Purchase

Arrived fast, looks great.

Arrived on time. Just as I expected