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Thick, tough, and durable, Superior Mark Label Protector is specially formulated to resist abrasions and deliver long-lasting results in the harshest industrial environments.

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  • Label Protector
  • Clear Label Protector - 2" x 100'
Clear Label Protector - 2" x 100'
Oct 10
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  • Equipped with a beveled edge and recessed adhesive for added durability.
  • 32 mil clear PVC, protectors have a smooth, glossy finish that is easy to clean.
  • Label protectores are engineered to withtstand industrial traffic.
  • Clear protective film can help keep your floor or equipment labels lasting longer.
  • Simple peel and stick design is easy to install. Clean floor with alcohol before installing
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Material:Clear Label Protector - 2" x 100'
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