OSHA Top 10 of 2019

Recently, OSHA came out with it’s top 10 list of violations. This list is compiled from all reported workplace violations in 2019. The lists are almost identical year after year. Why? Our work environments have grown increasingly complicated. Multicultural, multilingual, some even say highly regulated, and it can be a lot to manage. Why go in alone? Safety management and compliance is a team sport. Management, OSHA, and your equipment providers can all play a role in maintaining a safe work environment.

Violations Quantified

Top 10 OSHA Violations 2019 Graphic
The OSHA violations list can act as a blueprint for protecting your most valuable resource, your workforce. Use this list to analyze your work environment. Have you had accidents on the list in your workplace? If not, awesome. If the answer is yes, what’s next? After performing an analysis and consulting your team, you can begin to build the foundation of your improved safety plan. Evaluate your training methods, equipment, and safety signs. Where can you improve? We here at Mysafetysign, are happy to help and be a part of your team.