Personal Protective Equipment Quiz

Can you answer these questions?

Below is a list of foot and leg protection types matched with hazards they protect against. Which pairing is incorrect?
  • (A)  Leggings – heat hazards
  • (B)  Metatarsal guards – impact and compression
  • (C)  Electrically conductive shoes – static electricity build up
  • (D)  Foundry shoes – open circuits
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The footwear in the incorrect answer is actually designed to protect against hot metals.
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Correct answer is:
  • (D)  Foundry shoes – open circuits
  • Leggings protect the lower legs and feet from heat hazards such as molten metal or welding sparks.
  • Metatarsal guardsprotect the instep area from impact and compression.
  • Electrically conductive shoesprovide protection against the buildup of static electricity.
  • Foundry shoes do not offer protection against open circuits. In fact, they insulate the feet from extreme heat produced by molten metal. They also prevent hot metal from entering through shoe eyelets, tongues, or other permeable parts of the shoe.
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