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Once you have selected the correct gloves to protect you from the chemicals to which you will be exposed, you can continue to use them until they wear out or are torn.
  • (A)  True
  • (B)  False
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Correct answer is:
  • (B)  False
You have seen what happens to a balloon when it is left overnight – it slowly deflates because the air inside slowly escapes. Although there are no holes or defects, and the balloon is tightly sealed, the air gradually passes through (permeates) its walls. A similar effect occurs with liquids – they slowly permeate the materials which gloves are made of. This can occur slowly or rapidly, but it will happen. When selecting a glove you must consult the manufacturer’s recommendations and refer to the “breakthrough time” (how long it takes a chemical to pass through a material) and the permeation rate (how quickly it passes through).
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