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SlipSafe™ Floor Sign: Caution Hazardous Waste Storage Area (SF-0042) Learn More...

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Part# SF-0042
SPN# D815
Colors Yellow, Black
Shape Circle

Product Description

If you need a more effective way to maintain safe practice in your hazardous waste area, go with a sign that's right under everyone's nose. Our durable vinyl floor signs are the most effective way to convey your safety message in large commercial or industrial facilities.

  • Adhere this floor sign to any smooth floor surface. Clean the surface for better adhesion.
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  • 17" x "17"
  • Anti-Skid Vinyl SlipSafe™
Anti-Skid Vinyl SlipSafe™
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20 mils Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Lamination resists attack by chemicals. Good Feb 25
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  • 18 mil thick, anti-skid vinyl floor sign.
  • High visibility reminder at entrances.
  • Great for long-term use in high traffic areas.
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Size:17" x "17"
Material:Anti-Skid Vinyl SlipSafe™
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