SIGNAL SAFETY AWARENESS CENTER: Stop! A Lost Time Accident has Occurred. Caution! A Near Miss Incident has Occurred. This Plant has Worked____ Days Without a Lost Time Accident (S-5084) Learn More...

Part# S-5084

Product Description

Traffic Light style Safety Awareness center allows you to update your Safety status with an eye-catching display.

  • Lights are steady-on and can be switched between Red, Yellow and Green. If you would like a flashing option, we offer a Flashing Signal Relay as an adder.
  • Sign is 0.080" thick reflective aluminum mounting on a wide-base post that resists tipping.
  • Space is available to apply magnetic numerals up to 3" high.
  • 3 - 60 watt bulbs and a 25ft power cord are included.
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  • 36" dia. Base x 30" Octagon sign x 60" tall.
  • Digital Scoreboard
  • Signal Safety Awareness Center
Signal Safety Awareness Center
May 13
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  • Frameless Scoreboard made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum. Aluminum sign is 80 mil thick and will not rust.
  • Magnetic numbers are 3" high and up to four numbers can be applied on the steel plate.
  • Display sets with a handheld remote. Lights are steady-on and can be switched between colors. If a flashing option is needed a Flashing Signal Relay is sold separately.
  • Sign and light come on a wide-base post. Post is adaptable and resists tipping.
  • Sign features a hidden mounting system.
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